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Message from the TRCC President

The Thai-Russian Trade Association was established in March 1999, and later registered as the Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce (TRCC) on November 6th, 2005 where Mr. Chusak Direkwattanachai was the first president, and Mr. Pisak Nivataphand was the second president. I was elected as the third president on May 22nd, 2014, and has been working closely with the Russian Ambassador to the Kingldom of Thailand – His Excellency Mr. Evgeny Tomikhin, with the Russian Trade Representation to the Kingldom of Thailand – Mr. Oleg Maslennikov. I also created a good relationship with the Board of Trade of Thailand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) to support trading and investment, and to engage an excellent relationship between the two countries.
TRCC now has approximately 60 members with high potential businesses in Thailand and in Russia.  I urge that all TRCC members adjust themselves to the ‘new normal’ of Russian currency and flipping “crisis to opportunity”, then the trade and investment between our countries will increase to $US 10 billion, and Russian tourists to Thailand will surpass the 1.7 million tourists in 2025.  The return of the Thai Airways International to resume flights between Bangkok and Moscow in December 2016 will increase the number of tourists to and from the two countries, as well as lifting the economic growth.

TRCC’s office is located on the 18th floor of CP Tower, Silom Road, where Ms. Varalee Phaosawad, an Executive Secretary, who has been with TRCC since the establishment, will be the contact point. TRCC will organize an economic seminar annually, one Annual General Meeting and will organize a business-trip to Russia in 2020.  TRCC is entitled to issue supporting letters for Thai and Russian investors to  start up a new business in Thailand. However, TRCC is a non-profit organization with limited operating funds.  TRCC’s officers can give free initial advice and suggestions, and direct you to appropriate professional entities to meet your needs.  We want you to have a successful business.

TRCC `s business concept is to encourage the Thais and Russians companies to contact each other, starting and to get acquainted with each other, exchanging information back and forth, until you know each other well enough, then make a small investment with less risk.  The magnitude of trading and investment will be increased in time.

TRCC`s   mission is  to   provide  assistance  to  our  members,   and   please   utilize   this opportunity to let us be a part of your business successes. Contact TRCC, and we will assist you the best way we can.

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Dr. Sombat

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President, Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce (since May 22nd, 2014)

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9 months ago

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