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The Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (formerly known as Siam Commerce Chinese Club) was established in 1910 during the 2nd year of Emperor Xuantong reign of Qing Dynasty where Mr. Gao Xuexiu or Kor Hui Jia was the first president. Over the century, the Thai C.C. has woven the link of friendship among the overseas Chinese and Thai-Chinese descent, and has a prominent role in promoting of trade and investment as well as cultural exchange between Thailand and China.

The Thai C.C. under the leadership of the 27th President Mr. Narongsak Putthapornmongkol, who officially took over the position on 10 February 2020, has realized the rapid changes of the world economy and the impacts of COVID-19. He would maintain his commitments and mobilize activities through business networking organizations, such as the Federation of the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce & the affiliated Business Associations, Board of Trade of Thailand, Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT), the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention (WCEC), the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Bank of China, etc.

To maintain its role and direction in the next decade, the Thai C.C. is determined to be the Thai-Chinese private institution which is the main engine for linking relations between Thailand and China, and provide the information services and business advice to the business sector of both countries. Therefore, the Thai C.C. has set the operation framework and direction in three ways: (1) promoting the development of Thai-Chinese economic and trade relations; (2) disseminating economic and trade information and promoting Thai-Chinese business opportunities; and (3) enhancing the preparedness of young entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the Thai C.C. has continuously carried out the role of social contribution as its main mission for a long time. The recent donation of both money and medical supplies were made during the outbreak of COVID-19 in Thailand to support the working of hospitals, and encourage medical personnel and health volunteers who had dedicated their efforts and spirit of work against the COVID-19 pandemic nationwide.
Amidst the challenges confronting the world economy in the new decade, the Thai C.C. has remained committed to the strengthening of the closer relations on economics, trade and investment between Thailand and China.

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Mr. Narongsak

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President of the Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce

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