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BTCC was founded after a group of experienced Brazilian business expats in Thailand realized that fast-paced Brazilian and Thai companies were being left out of the many opportunities offered by the Brazilian and Thai business environments due to lack of practical knowledge on how to enter the Brazilian and the Thai markets.

Consequently, BTCC was organized to serve member companies in their business expansion to Brazil and Thailand. Combined, our members have many years of international business experience; serve a myriad of industries; speak many languages; understand the intricacies of breaking into the Brazilian and Thai markets; and possess valuable contacts within both countries.

BTCC specializes in developing commercial relations between Brazilian member companies and Thai member companies planning to enter the Brazilian or the Thai market for sales of their products and/or for manufacturing in Brazil or Thailand. BTCC will assist member companies in all aspects of direct investment in Brazil or Thailand by matching the member company with Brazilian or Thai firms in search of capital and partners. BTCC also guides member companies looking for Brazilian or Thai corporate partners, Brazilian or Thai capital and/or skilled Brazilian or Thai labor to assist our members in their growth or in their expansion within Brazil or Thailand.

We will hear the needs of our member companies, which may involve identifying manufacturing opportunities in Brazil or Thailand; or conducting market research for products within Brazilian or Thai regional markets; or searching for local distributors and commercial partners in Brazil and Thailand. We work with our members to devise commercial options that will allow them to control the sale of their products, their branding strategy and their customer service in Brazil and in Thailand. Ultimately, this enhanced control will expand our members’ ability to generate long-term sales and profits.

BTCC evaluates the appropriate regional markets for our member companies’ products and services in Brazil and in Thailand. We identify the demand for their products or services in Brazil and in Thailand; determine the local market structure for their products or services; and identify and analyze their potential local and international competitors. We also address cultural factors that might require the customization of our member companies’ products and branding strategy to the local culture. We will also guide our members through the incentives provided by the local Federal, State and/or Municipal governments to support foreign investment in Brazil and Thailand. BTCC ultimately educates your company on the practical intricacies of doing business in Brazil and in Thailand.

BTCC also provides many networking opportunities for our members and prospective members throughout the year through events such as International Trade Events, Business Forums, Gala Dinners, Networking Breakfasts, and Happy Hours.

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Mr. Marcelo

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President, Brazil-Thai Chamber of Commerce

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