India- Thai Chamber of Commerce (ITCC)

The complex nature of the Chamber’s duties cover not only commercial but also social and cultural interests. One of the Chamber’s principal commercial activities is to help its members decide upon possible courses of investment in business and trade in Thailand. The Chamber monitors changes in government regulations affecting trade and industry and keeps its members posted with updates. The issuance of certificates of origin of goods exported by its members is another of the Chamber’s activities. Under its Articles of Association, the India-Thai Chamber of Commerce is empowered to arbitrate in disputes between its members, provided the issues are brought to its attention.
The Executive committee of the Chamber consists of a President, a Vice-President and ten other Committee Members. All of these members are elected by the general membership and hold office for two years from the time of the Annual General Meeting of the Chamber at which a new election of office bearers takes place.

The Executive Committee is empowered to appoint various sub-committees such as an import-export sub-committee, an investment sub-committee, an arbitration sub-committee, a club sub-committee, etc., to assist the Executive Committee in the carrying out of its functions.

The President of the India-Thai Chamber of Commerce is an ex-officio member of the Board of Trade (BOT) of Thailand. The presidents of all the other foreign chambers of trade in the Kingdom are also, by virtue of that office, present on the Board of Trade of Thailand.
The President of the India-Thai Chamber of Commerce, by virtue of his position on the Board of Trade of Thailand, is able to iron out issues relating to the businesses of its members that may be in conflict with governmental regulations, thus looking after their interests.

Several trade delegations from India and Thailand visit each other frequently, seeking avenues for investment and opportunities for joint-ventures. The India-Thai Chamber of Commerce liaises with these delegations in an attempt to provide the Chamber’s members with business opportunities.

The premises of the Chamber on Sathorn Road, in Bangkok, provides facilities such as meeting rooms, a convention hall that has a capacity for up to 300 persons, as well as a fully functional SME/Start-up cell. The premise also contains two badminton courts.

The India-Thai Chamber of Commerce is cognizant of its social responsibilities and contributes to the public wealth by generously donating to local charities and engaging in other activities geared to the general well-being of the citizens of Thailand.

Mr. Ravi Sehgal

Mr. Ravi Sehgal

President, India-Thai Chamber of Commerce

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