BRICS Community

On 14 May 2024, BTCC President Marcelo Souza, BTCC Executive Director Claudia Lipert, and BTCC Secretary Jamaree attended a meeting of the Confederation of BRICS Chambers of Commerce in Thailand at the Amari Bangkok Hotel.

The BRICS event is organized through a collaborative effort led by the Brazil-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thai Russian Chamber of Commerce, Indian-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and the South African/Thai Chamber of Commerce. Together with supporting foreign Chambers and in partnership with the BRICS community, this event serves as a distinguished platform to honor and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the BRICS nations.

The BRICS Cultural Night epitomizes a commitment to showcasing the diverse and vibrant tapestry of cultures within the BRICS community. Through a curated program of cultural performances, exhibits, and interactive engagements, attendees will have the opportunity to deepen their appreciation and understanding of each other’s traditions and customs.

This event not only facilitates cultural exchange but also fosters meaningful connections and mutual respect among nations, further strengthening the bonds of collaboration within the BRICS framework.

BRICS Community
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